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Application for Employment in the public domain for public activities


Procedure for presenting a request to perform civic activities in the public domain.

Who can make this request?

The applicant may be a person or entity. If representative, this must necessarily prove its representation.

Documentation to be submitted

Explanatory of the acts to perform with the listing of material to be used for development of the same.

The extensions are allowed: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, doc, rtf, odt, sxw, txt, pdf and maximum can not exceed 2000 KB.

Where can I request this?
Who processes the request?

According to competence

Ways to start procedure Upon request of the party

The area occupied should appear in the catalog Infrastructure of the Town Hall of  Palma.

It denied unsolicited activities at least 25 days.

Catalogue Infrastructure of the Town Hall of Palma

Decision-making organization

According to competence

Administrative silence Rejected
20 of September, 2022

Ajuntament de Palma
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