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Quality.01 - Complaints and Suggestions


Interested persons may file complaints, suggestions, compliments or demands on the services provided by the city of Palma, which are handled by municipal authorities within a maximum of 45 days.

Who can make this request?

Anyone interested

Where can I request this?

Internet: click here for the form of complaints and suggestions.

By phone: 010 / 971225900 / 630308226


. Click here for the information of the Office of Ombudsman.

. Click here for information about the location of mailboxes for complaints and suggestions.

Procedure duration This procedure has a duration of 45 days
  • Law 30/1992 on the legal system and common administrative procedure
  • Regulation for the rights of the citizens of the City of Palma

Reference standards, not mandatory:

  • UNE 93200 (requirements for service charters)
  • UNE-ISO 10002:2004 (quality management, customer satisfaction, guidelines for the treatment of complaints organizations

Submit complaints or suggestions with a language readable or understandable and respectful, in either official language in the autonomous community


Filed lawsuits municipal service does not condition the exercise of shares or other rights that may be required in accordance with the regulations of each procedure

More information

Letters of commitment management service demands of municipal services the City of Palma 

17 of May, 2022

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