Registration document


The registration document is required in the following cases:

  • When applying for a school place.
  • Issuance and renewal of: National Identity Card (DNI), driving licence, vehicle registration, vehicle registration certificate.
  • When applying for social housing (IBAVI).
  • Procedures relating to Social Security: Social Security Card, when requesting social wage, non-contributory retirement pension.
  • Residence permit for foreigners.
  • Acquisition of nationality.
  • Civil marriage.
  • To obtain rebates: Telefōnica and EMAYA bills.

To obtain the registration document via the internet, please click here

Who can make this request? Individuals
Documentation to be submitted

Verbal request, accompanied by the following documentation:

  • In the case of Spanish nationals:
    National Identity Card, driving licence or passport
  • In the case of foreigners:
    Foreigner Identification Number (NIE - residence card or residence certificate);
    Passport or identity card issued by the relevant EC country + registration certificate providing evidence that the applicant is a EU citizen.
  • Children
      PERSONAL document

      DNI, NIE or passport of the minor
      DNI, NIE or passport of the person registered under the
      Family Book + DNI, NIE or passport of the parent

    Home registration document
      DNI, NIE or passport of the person registered under the
      Family Book + DNI, NIE or passport of the parent
  • Children's homes:
    Documentation issued by the children's home naming the minor for whom the certificate is requested, and the National Identity Card (DNI) of the person authorized to collect the certificate.
  • Via the internet:
    Digital certificate or electronic National Identity Card (DNI)
Where can I request this?
  • The registration document is issued:
  • Via the internet:
    • Through the electronic office of Palma City Council
Price and payment method
  • The fee for the issue of administrative documents applies (concept 310-00).
  • If issued via the internet: Free
  • Regulation on Population and Territorial Demarcation, modified by Royal Decree 2612/1996 from 20th December.
  • Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December regarding the protection of personal data.
Ways to start procedure Upon request of the party

Applicants must be registered in the Municipal Register of Inhabitants of Palma de Mallorca

Administrative silence Does not apply
End of administrative recourse The resolution does not end to the proceedings
30 of March, 2023

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