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Record of documents deposited in or donated to the municipal archives

Who can make this request? Anyone: individuals, legal entities, etc.
Documentation to be submitted
  • General request form
  • Inventory of the documents that the interested party wishes to deposit in or donate to the archives
Where can I request this? Any Integrated Customer Services Unit (OAC) (Registry)
  • Law 30/1992 (26 November) on the Legal Framework governing Public Administration and Common Administrative Procedure.
  • Law 16/1985 (25 June) on Spanish Historical Heritage (in relation to tax exemption for donations; in particular, section VII: Incentive Measures).
  • Law 12/1998 (21 December) on the Historical Heritage of the Balearic Islands.
  • Other regulations may apply according to the case in question.
Who processes the request? Culture Department
(Negociat de Cultura)
Ways to start procedure Upon request of the party
Decision-making organization Culture Department
(Negociat de Cultura)
Administrative silence Does not apply
End of administrative recourse The resolution does not end to the proceedings
Comments Approval by Plenary Session of the City Council is required in order for deposits or donations to be accepted.
30 of March, 2021

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