Licence for the use of public spaces for active advertising


Delivery of advertising materials to homes (leafleting):
This licence must be obtained by those who wish to deliver advertising to people's homes (leafleting), with the exception of companies which possess an activities licence covering courier services, advertising, or similar.
Advertising can only be posted through letter boxes or within buildings which do not bear the sign ¿No se admite publicidad¿ (¿No publicity¿).

Hand-to-hand distribution of advertising materials in public spaces:
The only entities which can be authorized to carry out hand-to-hand distribution of advertising materials in public spaces are the owners of nightclubs, dance rooms, party venues and flamenco venues, and only in accordance with the cases stipulated in Article 11.2 of the current Municipal Ordinance on Active Advertising.

Who can make this request? Anyone
Documentation to be submitted
  • Specific form requesting a licence to carry out active advertising (correctly completed);
  • Details of the agents to deliver the advertising (they should be employees of your company), specifying their names and surnames, national identity card numbers and addresses;
  • Copy of the census declaration proving the commencement of activities, or proof of registration for business tax (IAE) where appropriate;
  • Proof of employment of the agents proposed;
  • Example of the advertising materials to be distributed;
  • Proof of payment of the corresponding fees;
  • Copy of the company¿s activities licence;
  • Copy of documentation of company's tax identity number or the applicant¿s national identity card number;
  • Copy of the TC-2 form provided by Social Security, updated with A-2.2 forms where appropriate;
  • Certificate issued by the Municipal Treasury verifying that the applicant is up to date with their financial obligations with Palma City Council (only in the case of hand-to-hand advertising).

*Copies provided must be authorized by the Municipal Registry by means of the presentation of the original document.

Where can I request this? Any Integrated Customer Services Unit (OAC) (Registry)
Procedure duration This procedure has a duration of 3 months
Price and payment method

Fees are stipulated in the Municipal Tax Ordinance for the current year. 

  • Municipal Ordinance on Active Advertising approved by plenary agreement (25 September 2003). Published in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands (Boletín Oficial de las Islas Baleares, BOIB) no. 148, 25 October 2003.
Who processes the request? Department of Interior Government
(Sección de Gobierno Interior)
Pl. Santa Eulalia, 9 (3rd floor)
07001 Palma de Mallorca
Tel: 971 22 59 00 (switchboard)
Ways to start procedure Upon request of the party
Decision-making organization Department of Interior Government
(Sección de Gobierno Interior)
Pl. Santa Eulalia, 9 (3rd floor)
07001 Palma de Mallorca
Tel: 971 22 59 00 (switchboard)
Administrative silence Rejected
End of administrative recourse The resolution puts an end to the proceedings
Resources Optional appeal for reversal and administrative appeal

What activities related to active advertising are prohibited and subject to sanctions? The following activities are prohibited and subject to sanctions:

Placing or attaching printed or sketched materials of any kind to urban furniture (trees, traffic lights, road signage, street lights and other services, etc.), façades, entrances or external elements of buildings such as automatic doors, mail boxes, porches, or railings or walls enclosing buildings, sites and plots, excepting spaces specifically set aside for this purpose.
It is also prohibited to place advertising material on windscreens or any other part of cars, to litter using advertising material or carry out any of the other prohibited activities set out in Articles 22 and 23 of the current Municipal Ordinance on Active Advertising.

More information What is a sector licence? A sector licence is granted to associations in a sector (representing the interested parties who are to carry out the activity to be publicised).
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