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Transfer of rights to a sales permit for markets or fairs

Who can make this request? Individuals
Documentation to be submitted

Documentation required at the start of the procedure:

  • Correctly completely general application form;
  • Proof of kinship; the transferor must submit proof of social security contributions up to the point of transfer.

Documentation required in subsequent phases of the procedure:

  • Specific application form;
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card or Foreigner Identification Number (NIE);
  • Two passport-sized photos;
  • Original or authenticated copy of documentation proving registration with Social Security;
  • Authenticated copy of documentation proving registration for business tax (Impuestos Actividades Económicas, IAE);
  • Document proving subscription (covering the whole time period of the authorization) to civil liability insurance;
  • Authorized photocopy of food handling permit (where appropriate);
  • Sworn statement of compliance with the requirements set out in Article 60 of the Regulation of Market Services.
Where can I request this? Any Integrated Customer Services Unit (OAC) (Registry)
Procedure duration This procedure has a duration of 3 months
  • Market Services Regulations (City Council) of 2003.
  • Market Regulations and Standards of 1999.
  • Royal Decree 199/2010 of 26 February, which regulates the practice of hawking or not sedentary.
  • Regulations related to the appropriate sector depending on the product being sold.
Who processes the request?

Market Services Department
(Servicio de Mercados)
Plaza del Olivar, 4 (inside the market) 1st floor
Tel: 971 71 94 07
Fax: 971 72 43 93
E-mail: mercats@palma.es

Ways to start procedure Upon request of the party
Requirements You must be a member of the immediate family or collateral relative of the 2nd degree of the holder of the sales permit for temporary markets or fairs (parent, child, sibling, or spouse).
Decision-making organization

Market Services Department
(Servicio de Mercados)
Plaza del Olivar, 4 (inside the market) 1st floor
Tel: 971 71 94 07
Fax: 971 72 43 93
E-mail: mercats@palma.es

Administrative silence Rejected
End of administrative recourse The resolution puts an end to the proceedings
Resources Optional appeal for reversal and administrative appeal
More information

Can I transfer the rights to a sales permit to other relatives? No. You may only transfer rights to your parents, children, siblings or spouse, and only if Palma City Council¿s Market Services Department authorizes the transfer.

What requirements must the new permit holder fulfil? The new permit holder must fulfil the same requirements as in the case of a new permit.

Is there a minimum time period between two transfers? Yes. A minimum period of 6 months must pass between two transfers.

7 of February, 2022

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