Town Planning

Administrative procedures featuring the iconIcono indicativo de los trámites que se pueden realizar por internetcan be carried out online.

Activities and Security of Businesses

Complaints related to the licensing of activities

Renewal of licences granted to establishments providing complementary musical entertainment and Class B public establishments playing music

Request of copies and certificates related to records of activities

Signs on certain types of public premises (adaptations to comply with regulations)

Statement of compliance on the commencement and exercise of a temporary activity

Construction and Building Quality

Certificates and copies of the documentation in construction permit applications

Consult the Historical Centre Office on the possible concession of a works licence

Extension of a major works licence

Licence for the legalization of works

Major works licence

Project implementation plan for major works licence

Recognition of third parties as interested parties in the concession of construction permits

Refund of a bond in the case of works applications

Telecommunications project for works licence

Construction Discipline and Building Security

Certificate proving that a building is not the subject of any urban planning violation

IEE 02. Acreditaciķ de rehabilitaciķ integral

Procedure for obtaining a building protection order

Procedure for the reestablishment of legality in urban development

Record of ruins


Certificate required for the issue of a certificate of habitability

Certificate verifying the age of a building

Report related to an urban development query

Town Planning and Land Management

Acceptance of works

Approval of the statutes of a property maintenance committee

Expropriation by virtue of the law

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